On Saturday, 9 April, 2016, Dr. Barber and Dr. Chung, accompanied by Tracey, led a small but enthusiastic group of Year 1 prospective Geography Major and China Studies (Geography Concentration) students on an excursion to the Lung Yeuk Tau Heritage Trail in Fanling. This was a Student Advising Team activity, designed to give students a taste of what to expect if they choose to study Geography. On this day we were particularly interested in learning about cultural heritage and historical Chinese communities in the New Territories. We were fortunate to have the guidance of Mr. So, a staff member of the Antiquities and Monuments Office, who shared his time and expertise with us.

Although it was a hot day, field trip participants enjoyed visiting several villages and sites that have been declared Monuments, the status designated to the most significant heritage sites in Hong Kong. Among these, it was particularly fascinating to see the courtyards of the Tang Chung Ancestral Hall and to step inside the Lo Wai walled village. Like other walled villages in Hong Kong, Lo Wai isn’t only a historical relic, it is a place where daily life continues. In the past, these places were associated with the Tang clan. Today, they offer a rare glimpse into history that long pre-dates the creation of the Hong Kong territory as a British colony.

To remind us that geography addresses not only the human environment but also the physical, several bees and other insects also joined our group.