Jointly with the Department of Public Policy of City University of Hong Kong and the Global Production Network Centre of National University of Singapore, the Centre for China Urban and Regional Studies (CURS) organized the ‘Asia/Global Production Networks Workshop’, which was held from June 8 to 9th in Hong Kong. The purpose of the workshop was to share and exchange the latest research endeavors on Asia and Global Production Networks in economic geography. It attracted more than 20 scholars from different parts of the world, including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA, UK, etc. to present their latest research. The topics of Asia/Global Production Networks were explored by scholars in the workshop from various perspectives, such as Global Financing, Strategic Coupling in China, State Rescaling and Regionalization, Regional Development, etc. Attention was also given to some special topics like the Chongqing laptop Industry, relocation of Chinese garment firms to Vietnam and Third-Party Logistics Industry in China. The papers presented in the workshop raised stimulating discussions among scholars, which provided the audience with the latest developments on each topic and enlarged their knowledge of Economic Geography, Global Production Networks, as well as urban and regional development in the Global South and China in particular. The workshop was successful with meaningful academic exchanges and positive feedbacks from the attendees.

2017 GPN Workshop (1)

2017 GPN Workshop (2)

2017 GPN Workshop (3)