Dr Kevin Lo Tek-sheng, Assistant Professor of the Department of Geography, won “The Regional Studies Association Award for Best Conference Paper” in the Early Career Category for his paper entitled “Poverty alleviation resettlement and spatio-economic restructuring in rural China.” The award was presented at the RSA Australasia Conference 2017.

Dr Lo’s paper critically examines poverty alleviation resettlement (PAR), which is one of China’s key poverty reduction initiatives. Through this initiative, the government aims to lift 10 million people out of poverty from 2016-2020. The findings show that while long-distance resettlement outperforms short-distance resettlement in terms of raising income, the advantage is offset by the difficulties associated with adjusting to urban living. PAR can be improved by establishing two-way communication between the government and resettlers, offering targeted assistance, and providing post-resettlement support.

The RSA Australasia Conference 2017 was held by the Regional Studies Association, a major international society concerned with the analysis of regions and regional issues.

地理系助理教授盧笛聲博士憑其論文「中國農村扶貧移民的經濟空間轉型」,在區域研究協會2017年大洋洲學術年會頒發最佳論文獎(青年學者類別 )。



DSC_1102 - Dr. Kevin Lo with Prof. Andrew Beer, the Chairman of the RSA

Dr Kevin Lo wins “The Regional Studies Association Award for Best Conference Paper