In the 2017-18 GRF/ECS exercise of Hong Kong Research Grants Council, HKBU Department of Geography were awarded three research grants (in total HK$2.46 millions). The Department would like to congratulate the following colleagues for their successful bid!

Name of PI Project Title Project Code Funding Scheme
Dr. Li Jianfeng  

Compound Floods from Upstream River Discharge, Localized Rainstorm and Storm Surge across the Pearl River Delta Megacity Region: Risks, Changes and Mechanisms


HKBU 12303517 General Research Fund (GRF)
Dr. Mah Ngar Yin Daphne  

Deliberative Participation, Trust, and Social Learning for Sustainable Energy Transitions (SETs): A Comparative Study of Japan, South Korea, and China


HKBU 12602717 General Research Fund (GRF)
Dr. Lo Tek Sheng Kevin  

China’s Low-carbon City Initiative: Authoritarian Environmentalism and Climate Policy Experimentation


HKBU 22604217 Early Career Scheme (ECS)