A Conference on Urban Energy Transitions in Asia (3rd July 2019)

“The Third Asian Energy Conference: Diversity in Urban Energy Transitions in Asia: Trajectories, Governance and Policy Innovations” was successfully held on 3rd July 2019. The Conference aimed to provide a forum for academics, businesses, industrial practitioners, NGOs, other stakeholders and the public to share views on the social inputs, governance and policy innovation of sustainable energy transitions from an Asian Pacific perspective. The Conference featured four sessions: (1) Socially Enabled Urban Energy Transition; (2) Interdisciplinary Approaches for Energy Policy Innovations; (3) Governance Innovation for Low-carbon China; and (4) Just and Social Perspective of Energy Transitions.

Dr. Byrne from the Foundation for Renewable Energy and Environment and University of Delaware was invited as keynote speaker. The Conference involved speakers, moderators and participants from Europe (e.g. France and Sweden), North America (e.g. US) and various parts of Asia (e.g. Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan). 94 participants in total participated in the Conference.

The Conference was co-organised with the Department of Geography at Hong Kong Baptist University, David C. Lam Institute for East-West Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University, Center of Deliberative Democracy at Stanford University, Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics at Sciences Po in France, and Graduate School of Energy Science at Kyoto University. It was sponsored by Hong Kong Baptist University, the Faculty of Social Sciences at Hong Kong Baptist University, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited, and The Hongkong Electric Co., Ltd.

Series of Research Meetings (2nd and 4th July 2019)

Speakers, panel moderators and other invited participants gathered for the Pre-conference and Post-conference Internal Research Meetings on 2nd and 4th July to discuss details of current projects, areas of collaboration and develop potential research plans.

For details about the above conference and meetings please see the following link:

http://geog.hkbu.edu.hk/wp-content/uploads/2019/20190814_AESC_E-News Conference.pdf