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Postgraduate Programmes

Research Degrees (MPhil/PhD)

The Department of Geography welcomes interested students to apply for the MPhil and PhD in geography postgraduate research degree programmes. The major fields of study include: human biometeorology, environment planning & management, urban greens issues, paleoenvironmental and marine physical environment, sedimentology, urban housing markets, urban planning, transportation studies, rural-to-urban migration in China, energy studies, political geography, and GIS and remote sensing applications.

Joint PhD Programme in Geography (Collaboration with the Plymouth University)

This is a PhD Programme in Geography offered jointly by the Department of Geography at Hong Kong Baptist University & School of Geography at the University of Plymouth.  The joint PhD degree offers students an invaluable opportunity to develop and conduct academic research in a global and comparative context. Through inter-institutional collaboration, students will benefit not only from the complementarities in the expertise of two institutions, but also to enrich and raise their level of research excellence.

Taught Postgraduate Programmes

Geography is one of the participating departments in the Master of Social Sciences (Contemporary China Studies) programme. The Geography Department offers an Urban Development & Environmental Management concentration in the programme. Students taking Geography as their major concentration are required to take three courses and to complete a project under the supervision of the faculty in the Geography Department. The three courses are: Resource & Environmental Management in China, Urban and Regional Development of China; and Graduate Seminar on Geography of China.