Student Advising Team

The Student Advising Team (SAT) invites you to come and chat with us in the Department. The Student Advising Team provides academic advising services to students and aims to ensure that year-one students can easily access information about the Geography curriculum.

Geography curriculum at a glance

Programme introduction: What is Geography?

Programme brochure: Guide to Geography: Are you ready to be a geographer?

SAT’s mission

The principal objective of the SAT is to promote the various Geography programmes to prospective students and to inspire them to consider choosing “geography” as their major field or concentration of studies in one of the programmes offered by the Department. Specifically, the SAT aims to:

  1. help freshmen in the above-mentioned programs to recognize their strengths in geographical studies and nurture their interest in the geography programmes;
  2. help to develop a strong social network among students and foster a strong sense of belonging to the BU geographical community; and
  3. help students adjust and adapt to university life as a whole.

The major responsibilities of the SAT include:

  1. assisting freshmen in making a smooth transition from school to University life;
  2. helping students to choose a Major (especially Geography) that fits their interests and abilities; and
  3. guiding them to set up attainable academic and personal goals.

Target students include freshmen from the following programmes:

  1. 4-year Bachelor of Arts/Social Sciences,
  2. 5-year Bachelor of Arts/Social Sciences and Bachelor of Education in Liberal Studies Teaching
  3. 5-year Bachelor of Arts/Social Sciences and Bachelor of Education in Personal, Social and Humanities Education Teaching

Currently, the SAT consists of four academic advisors: Dr. Daphne MAH, Dr. Him CHUNG, Dr. Lachlan BARBER, Dr. HAO Pu, and two executive staff, Miss Maggie LAM and Miss Joanne LEUNG for providing academic advising and liaising.

Contact Information

Members Email Tel. Office Office hour
Dr. Daphne Mah 3411-5941 AAB1231 By appointment
Dr. Chung Him 3411-7208 AAB1223
Dr. Barber, Lachlan B. 3411-6542 AAB1222
Dr. Hao Pu 3411-7166 AAB1233
Miss Maggie Lam 3411-2412 General Office AAB1220 Mon – Fri:
9 am – 5:50 pm
Miss Joanne Leung 3411-7709