Mentor-Mentee Activities

As a Departmental endeavor of Whole Person Education, various mentoring activities are organized to foster “partnership” relationships between Geography Department staff and students. These mentoring activities include the annual departmental mentoring fieldtrip and the mentor-mentee cup soccer tournament. These activities provide extensive opportunities for student-staff interactions.

Mentor-mentee Fieldtrip

The annual mentor-mentee fieldtrip has developed into a tradition of the Department. It helps foster good relations between staff and students, an aspect critical to realizing the goals of Whole Person Education of this University.

Mentor-mentee Cup

Since its inception in 1999, the mentor-mentee cup soccer tournament has been jointly organized by the Department and the Geography Society, usually on an annual basis. In recent years, attempts have been made to add new elements to the event so as to involve a wider range of participants. In 2014, a dodgeball match and a series of mass games were organized for students, alumni and staff members.