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Double-counting GE Capstone

In case the GE Capstone course is double-counted, students will have to take other course(s) to make up the 3 units to fulfil the graduation requirements. The double-counting arrangement of GCAP3026 and GCAP3027 targets students from BSocSc (Hons) in Geography (applicable to the 2019-20 intake onwards) and students seeking to minor in Geography.

Students who have completed and passed GCAP3026 or GCAP3027 can apply to the Academic Registry for double-counting, and students can choose not to apply for double-counting as well.

Geography major students can be exempted from taking Social Sciences in Experiential Learning in Action (SOSC3005 or SOSC3006) and would need to take any one of the Major Elective courses to make up 3 units.

Students who wish to minor in Geography are required to fulfil 15 units of Minor Elective courses, including at least two level II Elective courses and at least two level III/IV Elective courses. Upon completion of GCAP3026 or GCAP3027, a level III/IV Elective course will be exempted. Students only need to fulfil 12 units for the minor programme and apply to the Academic Registry for approval.