Past Alumni Events

Cheerful reunion at the HKBU Homecoming Day 2018 (20 October 2018)

On Homecoming Day 2018, held on 20 October 2018, the Department hosted an open house tea reception for our old friends visiting the HKBU campus. On this joyful occasion the Department showcased our cutting-edge facilities, including the Geoinformatics Laboratory and the Physical Geography Laboratory, and shared our latest research developments and other departmental news through display posters in the Resource Centre.

Past graduates, together with their families, visited our Department and were delighted to learn of the Department’s growth and evolution over the years. They were impressed by the stunning view from the Resource Centre and had a great time in the tea reception enjoying refreshments while reuniting with classmates and meeting new buddies who graduated in different years. Our alumni friends were particularly excited to have an opportunity to reminisce about the “good old days” by exploring the graduation albums on display.

To celebrate the momentous occasion of our 40th anniversary in 2018, we prepared special souvenirs for our alumni guests. They were happy to be able to take home a reminder of their time in the Department. It was such a wonderful event, and the Department was thrilled to see that all the visitors enjoyed a pleasant afternoon with us.

Geography Fun Day and Alumni Reunion Dinner (26 November 2016)


To celebrate the 45th Anniversary of the Faculty of Social Sciences, a Fun Day was held on 26 November 2016. To support this joyful occasion, the Department of Geography organized two homecoming activities for visitors: (i) a Detergent-making Workshop and (ii) an interactive game. In the evening, an alumni reunion dinner was held at the newly-renovated Renfrew Restaurant.

During the workshop held in the Physical Geography Laboratory, Dr. Chow demonstrated how to make environmentally-friendly detergent and visitors were given a small bottle of detergent as a souvenir.

An interactive game named ‘Where’re the places in the world?’ was set up in the Resource Centre. Visitors randomly chose three pictures form the pool of 30 world landscapes. If they could guess all where these pictures were taken, they were given a departmental pin as a reward.

In the evening, an alumni reunion dinner was held at the newly-renovated Renfrew Restaurant. Over 90 guests, including staff, alumni and students gathered to celebrate this joyful and memorable event. It was an excellent opportunity for former students to reunite with their professors and fellow alumni. It also provided a chance for the “old” and “young” BU geographers to meet and intermingle.

House Warming cum 35th Anniversary Homecoming Party for Geography Alumni (23 February 2013)

homecominggroupphotoThe year 2013 is a landmark for the Geography Department, which has moved to the new offices in the Academic and Administration Building at Baptist University Campus. The year 2013 is also the Department’s 35th Anniversary as an independent department, having branched out from the then History and Geography Department in 1977-78.

In order to help our former students to become familiar with our new facilities, the Geography Department has hosted a House Warming cum 35th Anniversary Homecoming Party for our alumni in the afternoon of 23 February 2013.

It was truly a pleasant and memorable occasion. More than 50 alumni together with their family members and friends come back to visit the Department and celebrate together. After a welcome introduction by Prof. Owen on the Department’s new development and prospects, alumni visited the Department’s new offices and facilities, as well as the beautiful roof gardens. During this gathering, alumni met with Department’s staff and fellow alumni casually, and shared their memorable moments. Alumni from different years gathered together and mingled as good friends. All the participants have enjoyed a very pleasant afternoon.

30th Anniversary Celebration (12 April 2008)

homecominggroupphotoThe Department of Geography organised a series of celebratory events to mark its 30th Anniversary on 12 April 2008. Alumni, faculty members and students also used the occasion of the 30th Anniversary to review the development of the Department and share their memories of its growth over the past three decades.

The celebrations commenced with the “Distinguished BU Geographer Academic Lecture”. This was hosted by Professor David Wong, who is an alumnus of HKBU and currently Professor and Chair of the Department of Earth Systems and GeoInformation Sciences at the George Mason University in the United States. Professor Wong shared his views on the topic: “Are Methodological Issues in Spatial Analysis and Statistics Place-Independent?”. He also made a generous donation to support student exchange programmes that will help to broaden the horizons of HKBU students.

The celebrations continued at the “Homecoming cum Gala Dinner” where six distinguished alumni discussed their career success stories. During the dinner, over 200 guests, alumni, faculty members and students shared memories of the Department and its outstanding achievements in teaching and research. Looking ahead, the Department remains committed to the pursuit of academic excellence and will continue to contribute to the betterment of society.

Prof. Li’s Inaugural Lecture and Alumni Gathering ( 24 March 2006 )

Prof Li photo 207Professor Li Si-ming, the first Geography Department scholar appointed Chair Professor, delivered his Inaugural Lecture on “China’s Changing Urban Geography: A Review of Major Forces at Work” last Friday (24 March). The lecture, part of the Elizabeth Chan Cheng E-lay Geography Academic Lecture Series organised by the Geography Department, attracted more than 100 academics, guests, students and alumni. Mrs. Elizabeth Chan Cheng E-lay, founder of the Geography Academic Lecture/Seminar Fund, travelled from Bangkok to congratulate Professor Li at the lecture.

In an opening address, Professor Ng Ching-fai, President & Vice-Chancellor, paid tribute to Professor Li for his academic achievements and contributions to the University. President Ng said that through his strength of mind, perseverance, dedication and professionalism in teaching and research, Professor Li had become an internationally renowned scholar in his field. In his lecture, Professor Li, who joined the then Hong Kong Baptist College in 1980, reviewed the major forces shaping the urban landscape and geography in China during the past few decades.

At a dinner in honour of Professor Li, it was announced that alumni had donated more than HK$25,000 to the Geography Development Fund in support of the Geography Department’s teaching and scholarly activities.

Alumni Christmas Reunion Party (December 20, 2003)

Alumni_actv_2003_12The Geography Department organized an Alumni Christmas Reunion Party on December 20, 2003 for the dual purposes of strengthening its ties with its alumni and fundraising. The event comprised of two sessions: In the afternoon, the Department and its facilities were opened to enable visiting alumni to meet with staff members. Simultaneously, a 2-hour session was held in which four alumni from different professions shared their experiences with current students, giving them information on potential career paths. (See photo below) In the evening a cocktail reception was followed by dinner at the Riverside Seafood Restaurant. A number of staff members addressed the guests, highlighting the achievements of the Department and introducing the matching grant scheme to the alumni.

The Department is grateful that Professor Y K Fan, Vice-President (Development), attended the dinner and gave a speech, and that President C F Ng and Dean Frank Fu attended the cocktail reception. Dr K K Wong, Head of the Geography Department, and Professor S M Li sang songs in an effort to raise generous sponsorships from the alumni, which amounted to tens of thousands of dollars. In all, there were 21 tables representing approximately 250 attendees and the atmosphere was warm and delightful.

It is noteworthy that the class of 1979 and the class of 1980 each had their own table, and that the older alumni made generous donations. The Department received donations of HK$150,000. This consisted of two major components: (1) the donations from staff, alumni and friends of the Department, and (2) the sponsorship of the event and a matching donation amounting to the total of all other donations in the proportion of 1:3 by the Chow Brothers’ Education Fund of the Larry & Alex Chow family. Dr. Larry Chow, the longest serving staff member of the Department, served as the Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the event, with Professor S M Li, Dr. H Chung and Dr. K K Wong serving as members.

Millennium Gathering of BU Geographers (14 October, 2000)

Board 9 - photo6The Millennium Gathering of BU Geographers was successfully held on 14 October 2000. This gathering was the first of its kind not only in the Department’s history, but also in the history of entire University. Alumni of all years came back to their alma mater and took part in the event Members of the Department Advisory Committee had also participated. Some 200 alumni of ours – 20% of all graduates of our Department – and 80-100 of our current students attended various parts of the day’s programme.

The sharing session in the afternoon was well received by our current students. Our alumni provide vivid examples of how successfully BU geographers can be in building their career. Their successful stories demonstrate the validity of the holistic approach of geographical education in today’s rapidly changing world, especially in Hong Kong, which is engulfed by the forces of globalization and by the political changes associated with our return to China.

Our alumni are our most valuable assets. They serve as the bridge between the Department and the community at large. They have in many occasions given us enormous support. These include, inter alia, their generous donations to the Geography Alumni Scholarship Fund, the setting up of Luk Yin Memorial Scholarship, and the sharing of their experience with the current cohorts of students. This “Millennium Gathering of BU Geographers” certainly would have invoked their memories of “the good old days” and strengthened their tie to the Department. This gathering, in a sense, is just a beginning. There is a need for us to identify effective means to maintain and strengthen the dialogue between the Department and our alumni.

The Department would like to take this opportunity to once again thanks all of our alumni, our current students, and our own teaching and support staff for the support of the event.