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Members and Contacts


From left to right: Ms. Tracey Yiu, Prof. Kenneth Wong, Dr. Him Chung and Dr. Daphne Mah



Academic Advising Team Members:

Prof. Kenneth Wong (Office hour: by appointment)

Office: Room AAB1224 E-mail: kenwong@hkbu.edu.hk Tel: 34117123

Dr. Daphne Mah (Office hour: by appointment)

Office: Room AAB1234 E-mail: daphnemah@hkbu.edu.hk Tel: 34115941

Dr. Him Chung (Office hour: by appointment)

Office: Room AAB1223 E-mail: himchung@hkbu.edu.hk Tel: 34117208

Ms. Tracey Yiu

Office: Room AAB1220 E-mail: tracey@hkbu.edu.hk Tel: 34112412


Students are always welcome to visit and chat with us in the Department. We are here to serve

you at all time!






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