Joint PhD Programme in Geography

Offered jointly by Department of Geography, Faculty of Social Sciences, Hong Kong Baptist University &

School of Geography, The University of Plymouth

Why go for a Joint PhD Degree with HKBU & Plymouth?

Leading Universities with World Class Academics

Both HKBU and Plymouth are leading research universities with a critical mass of academics with complementary expertise in contemporary human, physical and environmental geography.

Global & Comparative Research Excellence

The joint PhD degree offers students an invaluable opportunity to develop and conduct academic research in a global and comparative context. Through inter-institutional collaboration, students will benefit not only from the complementarities in the expertise of two institutions, but also to enrich and raise their level of research excellence.

Full-time Study-in-residence in both Hong Kong and United Kingdom

This 3-year joint PhD programme requires HKBU-based students to spend one year at Plymouth (UK) and two years at HKBU. Likewise, Plymouth-based students will spend one year at HKBU and two years at Plymouth. Students will be able to enjoy the academic and social facilities at both universities.

Team-based Co-supervision for a Single Joint PhD Award

Each HKBU-based student will work with a team of two supervisors to design a programme of study that reflects the student's interest. A "Lead Supervisor" will be appointed from Department of Geography of HKBU, and a "Co-supervisor" appointed from School of Geography of Plymouth. Upon successful completion of the programme, students will be conferred with a single PhD degee diploma with the official seal of both univerisities.

English as the Teaching Medium

All aspects of the Programme, including coursework, thesis, meetings and administration will take place in English.