Joint PhD Programme in Geography

Offered jointly by Department of Geography, Faculty of Social Sciences, Hong Kong Baptist University &

School of Geography, The University of Plymouth

Programme Information

Programme Requirements

For HKBU-home doctoral students, they are required:

To fulfill the HKBU Programme of Study which compromises the following:

- Supervised original research work culminating in the submission of a thesis;

- Complete a minimum of 12 units of coursework;

- Attendance at lectures, study groups and workshops as well as participation in seminars, colloquia and conference as directed by the supervisor(s);

- Passing the online tutorial on avoiding plagiarism at a level of 80% or above and make a declaration via the online test platform before arranging confirmation of candidature

To successfully complete one year of study at the University of Plymouth

To attend a series of 13 “Formal Supervisory Sessions” (FSS) where they can meet face-to-face or virtually with the full supervisory team  



Target Students

The Programme is for students pursuing a PhD in Geography on a full-time basis who are self-funded, supported by research grants or supported by donation.

Admission Requirements for HKBU-home Students:

A Master’s degree from a recognized university or comparable institution; or A Bachelor’s degree with First Class Honours from recognized university or comparable institution; or Any other qualification deemed by the HKBU Graduate School to be acceptable for admission


Each student would be admitted to the PhD programme through the home institution, with appropriate consultation with the partner institution and approval by a joint selection committee.  For admission to the HKBU PhD programme in Geography, please contact the Department of Geography@HKBU.  


Tuition Fee

For HKBU-home students:

The years spent at HKBU: students are required to pay the tuition fee in accordance with HKBU’s normal rules and regulations.  For current Academic Year (2013/14), the tuition fee is HK$72,000* per annum.

The year spent at Plymouth: students are required to pay the average fee of the home and host university to the host University.  For current Academic Year (2013/14), students are required to pay the average tuition fee of HK$72,000* (HKBU student fee) and GBP£13,000* (Plymouth international fee). 

*The fee is subject to annual review of respective universities.