Joint PhD Programme in Geography

Offered jointly by Department of Geography, Faculty of Social Sciences, Hong Kong Baptist University &

School of Geography, The University of Plymouth

Potential PhD Topics

Faculty Members Research Interests
Professor Adrian BAILEY (HKBU) Migration of Chinese Young Adults from a Lifecourse Perspective
Dr. Naomi TYRRELL (PU) Changing Family Structures: Impacts on Chinese Youth
  Chinese Young People's Experiences of Transnationalism
  Migration Decision-Making in Chinese Families: a Hong Kong and
  United Kingdom Comparative Study
Professor Bernhart R. OWEN (HKBU) African Lake Basins as Recorders of Quartenary Climate Change
Professor Neil ROBERTS (PU) Palaeolimnology
Quaternary Geology
Professor Bernhart R. OWEN (HKBU) Isotope Variation in Soils and Bones in Africa
Dr. Tim DALEY (PU)
Professor Si Ming LI (HKBU) Urban-Economic Geography
Professor Jon SHAW (PU) Transport Geography
Professor Si Ming LI (HKBU) Urban Housing, especially China
Professor Chris BALCH (PU) Urbanization and Population Mobility in China
Professor Donggen WANG (HKBU) Activity-Travel Behavior
Professor Jon SHAW (PU) Built Environment and Activity-Travel Behavior in China
Dr. Paul SIMPSON (PU) Mobility, Wellbeing and Quality of Life
  Sustainable Transport in the UK and China
  Mobile Methods and Experiences of Mobility in/between UK and China
Dr. Xiaojiang YU (HKBU) Environmental and Energy Policy
Dr. Ian BAILEY (PU) Ecosystem and Biodiversity Conservation
  The Politics of Developing Emissions Trading Schemes in China
  Climate Change Discourses and Climate Policy Development in China
Dr. Claudio O. DELANG (HKBU) Development Studies
Dr. Sanzidur RAHMAN (PU) Rural Development
  Ecological Economics
  Development Issues in the Greater Mekong Subregion
  Applied Microeconomics
  Productivity and Efficiency Analysis
Dr. Xiaojiang YU (HKBU) International Development and Cooperation
Dr. Martin MOWFORTH (PU) Development Aid Projects
  The Application of Sustainability Indicators
Professor Si Ming LI (HKBU) Regional Development, especially China
Dr. Sanzidur RAHMAN (PU) Quantitative Methods
Measurement of Quality of Economic Growth, especially in China
Dr. Xiaojiang YU (HKBU) Social and Cultural Issues
Dr. Julian BRIGSTOCKE (PU) Social, Cultural and Political Geography
Dr. Chun YANG (HKBU) Cross-border Regions and Geopolitics of Mega City-Region Governance
Professor Geoff WILSON (PU) in China
Dr. Daphne MAH (HKBU) Sustainable Energy Policies in Asia
Dr. Ian BAILEY (PU) Energy Governance
Dr. Chun YANG (HKBU) Urban and Regional Development in China, particularly the Pearl River Delta
Dr. Stephen ESSEX (PU) and Hong Kong