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Prof. Yang, Chun (Charlotte)

Interim Head of Department

Welcome to the Geography Department at HKBU. We offer a diverse array of undergraduate and postgraduate programs leading to Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral degrees. 


Our department embarks on a transdisciplinary journey that covers both physical and human geography, with a keen focus on their interplay. Positioned in the dynamic hub of East-West intersection, our location provides a distinctive vantage point for studying these interactions. We remain steadfast in our commitment to high-quality, transdisciplinary research that addresses the intricate aspects of sustainable development of variegated cities and regions. This dedication is mirrored in the innovative methodologies and extensive expertise of our staff across a wide spectrum of disciplines. 


Creating a warm, collegial environment that fosters strong relationships between our staff and students is at the heart of what we do. Our teaching philosophy is firmly anchored in the promotion of independent learning, realized through a multitude of teaching methods, including projects, tutorials, laboratories, and field excursions. 


We cordially invite you to navigate through our website. We hope it offers a glimpse into our department, reflecting our unwavering commitment to academic excellence and our innovative approach to teaching and research. Welcome to the dynamic world of Geography at HKBU.