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CGS and GEOG first Webinar Series: Geo-Information in Smart Societies and Environment (GISSE)

20 Apr 2021

The webinar series on “Geo-Information in Smart Societies and Environment” jointly organized by the Centre for Geo-computation Studies and Department of Geography was successfully held on 11 March, 25 March, and 8 April 2021. Six renowned speakers – Prof. Mei-Po Kwan (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Dr. Bin Chen (University of California, Davis), Dr. Xinyue Ye (Texas A&M University), Prof. Thian Yew Gan (University of Alberta), Prof. Shiming Xu (Tsinghua University), and Dr. Jianfeng Li (HKBU) – shared their insights on tackling societal and environmental issues and challenges by utilizing geo-information technology. With the support of the Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI), Koushare (蔻享學術), and Research Cloud (科研雲), the talks were live broadcast to multi-online platforms such as Zoom, Bilibili, Sciforum, and Xiaoetong, in order to interact with attendees from different parts of the world, and more than 45,000 participants actively participated in the seminars.



(Top Left): Prof. Mei-Po Kwan from The Chinese University of Hong Kong delivered a talk on “Big Data and Geospatial Technologies for Healthy Cities Research”.

(Top Right): Dr. Bin Chen from University of California, Davis delivered a talk on “Leveraging GeoData and Remote Sensing in Urban and Environmental Health”.

(Middle Left): Dr. Xinyue Ye from Texas A&M University delivered a talk on “Spatial Social Network Analytics of COVID-19”.

(Middle Right): Prof. Thian Yew Gan from University of Alberta shared his insights on “Remote Sensing of Environment”.

(Bottom Left): Prof. Shiming Xu from Tsinghua University shared his insights on “Satellite Remote Sensing of the Arctic Sea Ice and Its Snow Cover”.

(Bottom Right): Dr. Jianfeng Li from Hong Kong Baptist University shared his insights on “Impact of Spatial Resolution on Assessment of Changes in Precipitation Extremes Under Climate Change”.