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Departmental Seminar (18 November)

18 Nov 2021

The fourth seminar in this year’s Departmental Public Seminar Series took place on 18 November 2021 (Thursday). We were delighted to have invited Dr. Sajjad Muhammad, a newly appointed Research Assistant Professor in our Department, to deliver a lecture on “Nature-based Resilience Building Solutions: The Role of Natural Habitats to Reduce Coastal Vulnerability in the Face of Climate Change”. The talk discussed how the conservation/restoration of Coastal Natural Systems (CNSs) may progressively help reduce current and future coastal vulnerability to natural hazards. Dr. Sajjah also introduced possibilities to carry out the work via integrating geo-information models, earth observation data, and ancillary information on coupled human-nature system under current and future scenarios. The lecture was well-attended by our colleagues and postgraduates in the Department, as well as participants from various disciplines at other institutions.