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HKBU Distinguished Geography Seminar (7 July 2022)

9 Aug 2022

The fourth event in the Department's recently launched Distinguished Geography Seminar series took place on Thursday, 7 July, 2022. For this public lecture, Prof. Ilan Kelman from the Institute for Risk & Disaster Reduction at University College London and University of Agder, Norway was invited as the guest speaker. Prof. Ilan, a disasters and health professor, presented one of his latest works entitled "Disaster by Choice: Why disasters are not natural." This talk provided the thought-provoking perspective on how humans put themselves in harm’s way in the face of disasters. The key message on how disasters are not natural due to the involvement of human agency (i.e., human values, behavior, and decisions) was well acknowledged by the participants. A healthy discussion at the end of lecture was observed along with an active question/answer period. The talk was well-attended by colleagues, students from various departments, and friends of the department from around the world.