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Four faculty members of the Department receive General Research Fund (GRF) grants (2023/24) worth over 4.2 million HKD

5 Jul 2023

As announced by the Hong Kong Research Grants Council, four of our faculty members, Dr. Xiaopu Lyu, Dr. Meng Gao, Prof. Chun Yang, and Prof. Donggen Wang, have been awarded General Research Fund (GRF) grants in the 2023/24 GRF Exercise worth a total of over HK$4.2 million. The Department would like to extend our sincere congratulations to our faculty members on this remarkable achievement. The successful projects for AY2023/24 are presented in the table below.


Principal Investigator

Project Title

Grant Total Awarded (HK$)

Dr. LYU Xiaopu

What has driven the ozone increase in Hong Kong over the past decade under stringent air pollution control?


Dr. GAO Meng

Reducing uncertainties in predictions of future air pollution, heat extremes, and associated health risks in Asia with dynamical downscaling and machine learning


Prof. YANG Chun

Localisation or regionalisation? Digital platform-driven industrial restructuring and reconfiguration of smart production networks in China’s Greater Bay Area


Prof. WANG Donggen

Demand responsive bus, home and work locations, and daily travel behavior




Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) achieved: