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Department of Geography at HKBU Embarks on an Educational Journey through Guangxi’s Culture, Hydrology, and Landscape

27 Jun 2024

A group of 32 undergraduate students from the Department of Geography at HKBU have successfully completed an enriching field trip to Guangxi, China, from May 21 to May 25, 2024. Led by the course instructor, Dr. Lyu Xiaopu, the expedition delved into the region's unique cultural heritage, hydrological engineering marvels, and stunning Karst landscapes.


The educational journey was meticulously planned by Dr. Lyu Xiaopu, with the support of Mr. Choi Wai Kit, Benson, Miss Joanne Leung, and Miss Zhang Jieni, Jenny. Two dedicated PhD students, Ms. Zhou Runjing and Ms. Wang Liangyi, provided invaluable assistance throughout the trip. The team was also joined by two esteemed partners from South China Normal University during the first two days, contributing to the seamless organization of visits to the Datengxia Water Control Project and Guilin Tourism University.


Emphasizing the intricate connections between culture and geography, the students explored the historic Qilou City in Wuzhou, where they marveled at the distinctive arcade-style streets that reflect the region’s rich past. The Guangxi Tourism Museum and Guilin Museum offered further insights into the local customs and traditions, enhancing the cultural dimension of their learning experience. A pivotal component of the trip was the exploration of hydrology in Guangxi. The group visited the Datengxia Water Control Project, witnessing firsthand the complexity and importance of water management in a region where hydrology plays a critical role in both the ecosystem and human society. The journey through Guangxi's breathtaking landscapes included visits to the iconic Lijiang River, Silver Rock Scenic Spot, and Xiangbi Mountain. These sites, exemplary of the Karst topography, provided the students with a visual feast and a deeper understanding of geomorphological processes.


Dr. Lyu Xiaopu expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the trip, stating, “The field trip has been an invaluable opportunity for students to witness the convergence of culture, hydrology, and natural beauty. It has offered a holistic educational experience beyond the confines of a traditional classroom.” The students returned with not only a wealth of knowledge but also a sense of fulfillment and joy from the hands-on learning experience. The Department of Geography at HKBU is proud to foster such immersive educational programs that shape the geographers of tomorrow.