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GEOG Field Camp explores dynamic relationship between community and natural resources at Kyoto and Shiga, Japan

27 Jun 2024

A group of 46 undergraduate students and 3 postgraduate students from the Department of Geography at HKBU had a field camp to Kyoto and Shiga in Japan, to explore their natural landscapes and engage in community activities from May 21 to May 25, 2024. The field camp was led by the course instructors, Dr. Shoko Ushio Sakai and Dr. Lo Tek Sheng Kevin.


Rice cultivation has flourished in the Lake Biwa water catchment area for thousands of years. This year's field camp brought our students to Lake Biwa and Kyoto to examine the dynamic relationship between the community and its natural resources, with an emphasis on sustainable environmental management. Under the guidance of local farmers, prefectural officials, and NGO representatives, students engaged in farming activities at a fish cradle rice paddy, fully immersing themselves in mud and the surrounding natural environment.


Additionally, they conducted research on sustainable agriculture and ecotourism as part of a service-learning program, with the results presented at a post-trip workshop.


Historically affected by water pollution, the region has undergone a significant transformation through grassroots initiatives aimed at ecological sustainability. Our experiences highlighted the critical roles of advanced knowledge, technologies, and educational programs tailored to various age groups in fostering a community-wide commitment to sustainability.