Faculty Members
Dr. Chow Ka Lai, Karen

Dr. Chow Ka Lai, Karen (周嘉麗博士)

Lecturer I

Environmental health, Sewage treatment, Environmental remediation of
emerging chemicals

SMC 12/F, College of International Education, Shek Mun
(852) 3411 3179
(852) 3411 5990


  • Ph.D., Department of Biology, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
  • B.Sc. (Hons.) in Applied Biology, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong



  • Natural Resources Management
  • Laboratory Environmental Analysis
  • Environmental Biotechnology
  • Environmental Pollution and Toxicology
  • Integrated Waste Management
  • Internship for Environment and Resources Management


  • Guest editor in Environmental Geochemistry and Health (EGAH), ISSN: 1573-2983.
  • Editorial Board Member (Energy & Environment), SAGE Publishing, ISSN: 0958305X.



External Grants


Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF), 2021-2023, (ECF 2020-76). Identification, characterisation, and process modification for enhancing removal efficiency of microplastics in sewage treatment works with Different Designs in Hong Kong (HK$ $1,000,000). Co-Investigator

Early Career Scheme (ECS), 2020-2022, (Project Number: 28300619).Vegetable-based biochar added in fish feed for lowering uptake of persistent toxic substances by grass carp (HK$ 395,424). Collaborator.

Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF), 2017-2019, (ECF 2016-30). Selection of wetland plants for wastewater treatment of persistent toxic substances by constructed wetlands in Hong Kong (HK$ 496,690). Principal-Investigator

Sustainable Fisheries Development Fund (SFDF), 2016-2019, (SFDF 0023). Safe and quality fish production: Development of high grade pellets using food wastes for three popular marine fish (HK$ 8,454,589.5). Co-Investigator

Peer-reviewed Publications


Man, Y. B., Chow, K. L., Zhang, F., Lei, K. M., Leung, A. O. W., Mo, W. Y., & Wong, M. H. (2021). Protecting water birds of wetlands: Using toxicological tests and ecological risk assessment, based on metal/loid (s) of water, sediment and biota samples. Science of The Total Environment, 778, 146317

Man, K.Y., Chow, K.L., Man, Y.B., Mo, W.Y., & Wong, M.H. (2021). Use of biochar as feed supplements for animal farming. Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology, 1-31

Man, Y.B., Lei, K.M., Chow, K.L., Leung, A.O.W., Mo, W.Y., & Wong, M.H. (2020). Ecological risks of heavy metals/metalloid discharged from two sewage treatment works to Mai Po Ramsar site, South China. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 192(7), 1-14.

Lin, S., Man, Y.B., Chow, K.L., Zheng, C., & Wong, M.H. (2019). Impacts of the influx of e-waste into Hong Kong after China has tightened up entry regulations. Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology, 1-30.

Chai, Y., Li, Y., Chen, X., Zhang, J., Christie, P., Chow, K.L., Ai, C., Shan, S. (2019). Potential sources and associated risk assessment of potentially toxic elements in paddy soils of a combined urban and rural area. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 1-10.

Man, Y.B.#, Chow, K.L.#, Tsang, Y.F., Lau, F.T.K., Fung, W.C., Wong, M.H. (2018). Fate of bisphenol A, perfluorooctanoic acid and perfluorooctanesulfonate in two different types of sewage treatment works in Hong Kong. Chemosphere, 190: 358-367. # Co-first author

Man, Y.B.#, Chow, K.L.#, Cheng, Z., Kang, Y., Wong, M.H. (2018). Profiles and removal efficiency of organochlorine pesticides with emphasis on DDTs and HCHs by two different sewage treatment works. Environmental Technology & Innovation, 9: 220-231. # Co-first author