Academic Staff

Prof. Wang Donggen (王冬根教授)

Head of Department and Professor
Director of the Centre for China Urban and Regional Studies
Transport Geography, Time Geography

Prof. Bailey Adrian J. (貝力行教授)

Fellow, Academy of Social Sciences (FAcSS)
Chair Professor of Geography
Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences
Migration, Population Studies

Prof. Owen Richard Bernhart (歐文彬教授)

Director of the David C. Lam Institute for East-West Studies
Geomorphology, Sedimentology, Marine Studies

Prof. Yang Chun (楊春教授)

Economic Geography, Urban and Regional Development, China

Prof. Zhou Qiming (周啓鳴教授)

Director of the Centre for Geo-computation Studies
Geographic Information Systems

Dr. Chung Him (鍾謙博士)

Associate Professor
Regional Geography of China

Dr. Barber, Lachlan B (白樂藍博士)

Assistant Professor
Cultural Geography, Mobility Studies

Dr. Chun Kwok Pan (秦國斌博士)

Assistant Professor
Hydrology, Climatology and Earth Systems

Dr. Delang Claudio O. (戴高德博士)

Assistant Professor
Development Studies, Greater Mekong Subregion

Dr. Gao Meng  (高蒙博士)

Assistant Professor
Air Quality and Atmospheric Chemistry Modeling, Chemistry-Climate Interactions, Environmental Health, Climate Change Mitigation 

Dr. Hao Pu  (郝璞博士)

Assistant Professor
Urban Geography, Urban China Studies, Urban Housing

Dr. Li Jianfeng  (李劍鋒博士)

Assistant Professor
Hydroclimatology, Climate Extremes, Water Hazards

Dr. Mah Ngar-yin, Daphne (馬雅燕博士)

Assistant Professor
Director of the Asian Energy Studies Centre
Energy Governance and Policy-Making

Dr. Lo Tek Sheng, Kevin (盧笛聲博士)

Assistant Professor
Associate Director of the David C. Lam Institute for East-West Studies
Environmental governance and politics, Decarbonization, Resettlement, China

Dr. Chiu Hon Chim (招侃潛博士)

Lecturer I
Sedimentology, Geomorphology, Coastal Hazards

Dr. Chow Ka Lai, Karen (周嘉麗博士)

Lecturer I
Environmental Remediation

Dr. Guo Meiyu (郭美瑜博士)

Lecturer II
Energy Policy, Environmental Economics

Dr. Wei Xi (韋栖博士)

Lecturer II
Environmental Impact Assessment and Management