Research Projects

Department of Geography faculty members have a strong record of success in internal and external grant competitions, including those funded by the Research Grants Council (RGC), Hong Kong principal research granting body, and the Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC). Projects by both physical and human geographers on a wide range of topics have been supported through the General Research Fund (GRF), the Early Career Scheme (ECS), the Public Policy Research (PPR) competition, the Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), and the Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF). Recently funded projects are listed below.

General Research Fund (GRF)

Year Principal Investigator Project Title Project Code
2018-19 Dr. Li, Jianfeng Impacts of more extreme climate on daily hydrological-atmospheric processes and implications for long-term water availability in the East River (Dongjiang) basin HKBU 12302518
2018-19 Dr. Lo, Kevin Tek Sheng Decentralized climate governance and policy implementation in China: Unraveling a paradox HKBU 12600718
2018-19 Prof. Owen, R. Bernhart Variability, characteristics and origins of hydrothermal-related silica deposits in the Kenya Rift Valley HKBU 12304018
2017-18 Dr. Li, Jianfeng Compound Floods from Upstream River Discharge, Localized Rainstorm and Storm Surge across the Pearl River Delta Megacity Region: Risks, Changes and Mechanisms HKBU 12303517
2017-18 Dr. Mah, Ngar Yin Daphne Deliberative Participation, Trust, and Social Learning for Sustainable Energy Transitions (SETs): A Comparative Study of Japan, South Korea, and China HKBU 12602717
2016-17 Dr. Chung, Him An investigation of rights to Chinese cities HKBU 12605316
2016-17 Prof. Wang, Donggen Exploring the inter-generational trends in daily travel behavior in Hong Kong and Shenzhen HKBU 12656716
2016-17 Prof. Bailey, Adrian J. Housing security among urban migrants in Hong Kong, Atlanta and Pretoria HKBU 12646816
2015-16 Prof. Wang, Donggen Exploring and modelling the relationships between residential environment, travel behavior and travel-related subjective wellbeing in Shanghai, China HKBU 12606215
2015-16 Prof. Owen, R. Bernhart Temporal variations in the controls of lacustrine sedimentation during continental rift evolution: evidence from the northern Kenya Rift Valley HKBU12300815
2015-16 Prof. Li, Si-ming Residential Mobility in Chinese Cities in the Twenty-First Century: Implications for Housing Careers and Neighbourhood Governance HKBU 12603615
2013-14 Prof. Zhou, Qiming Investigation of the Scale-adaptive Digital Terrain Analysis Method for Rainfall-runoff Process Modelling in the Aridzone of China HKBU 203913
2013-14 Prof. Wang, Donggen Modeling Car Ownership and Time Use in Urban China: A Household Time and Money Budget Allocation Approach HKBU 247813
2013-14 Prof. Owen, R. Bernhart Later Quaternary Diatom Stratigraphy and Palaeoenvironments of the Koora Graben and Lake Magadi Basin, Kenya Rift Valley HKBU 202213
2012-13 Dr. Yu, Xiaojiang Eco-environmental Protection in Western China under the Western Development Strategy (WDS): A Regional Assessment in the Beipan River Basin, Guizhou HKBU 252412
2012-13 Dr. Yang, Chun From Exports to Selling in China: Market Rebalancing of Transnational Corporations and Restructuring of the Export-led Development Model HKBU 251712
2012-13 Prof. Tang, Wing Shing Unsettling High-density Development in Hong Kong: Production of Space, Spatial (In)justice and Everyday Life HKBU 250012
2012-13 Prof. Owen, R. Bernhart Late Quaternary Palaeoenvironments and Sedimentology of the Magadi-Natron Rift Basins, Kenya-Tanzania HKBU 201912
2011-12 Prof. Owen, R. Bernhart Later Quaternary palaeoenvironmental reconstruction in the Oltepesi region, southern Kenya Rift: A multiproxy approach HKBU 201911
2011-12 Prof. Li, Si-ming Residential Inequalities in Urban China under Spatial Restructuring HKBU 245511
2011-12 Dr. Chung, Him Spatial strategy, planning and state governance in China HKBU 242111
2010-11 Prof. Wang, Donggen Urban Form Remaking, Car-Dependence and Traffic Congestion in Urban China HKBU 244610

Early Career Scheme (ECS)

Year Principal Investigator Project Title Project Code
2018-19 Dr. Hao, Pu Rural Landholdings and the Geographic and Social Mobility of China’s Rural Migrants HKBU 22609018
2017-18 Dr. Lo, Tek Sheng Kevin China’s Low-carbon City Initiative: Authoritarian Environmentalism and Climate Policy Experimentation HKBU 22604217
2016-17 Dr. Li, Jianfeng Co-occurrence of droughts and heat waves under the changing climate in the Pearl River Basin: Variations, interactions and impacts HKBU 22301916
2013-14 Dr. Mah, Daphne N.Y. Engaging consumers for a low-carbon future: A comparative study on the diffusion of smart grids in Japan and China HKBU 22400614

Public Policy Research (PPR)

Year Principal Investigator Project Title Project Code
2013-14 Prof. Li, Si-ming Land and Housing Policies in Post-Handover Hong Kong: Political Economy and Urban Space 2013.A2.001.13A

Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)

Year Principal Investigator Project Title
2015 Dr. Yang, Chun Relocating Transnational Corporations from the Pearl River Delta to Vietnam and Cambodia: China-ASEAN Industrial Relocation and Restructuring of Regional Production
2014 Prof. Zhou, Qiming Investigation of High-Performance Digital Terrain Analysis and Landslide Susceptibility
2013 Prof. Wang, Donggen A Time Geography Study on the Subjective Well-being of Urban Chinese: Beijing and Guangzhou in Comparison

Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF)

Year Principal Investigator Project Title
2017 Dr. Chow, Ka Lai Karen Selection of Wetland Plants for Wastewater treatment of persistence toxic substances by constructed wetlands in Hong Kong