World-Class Facilities

The Department provides a wide range of laboratory facilities, equipment and other support for high quality teaching and research.

Our major facilities include:

  • Geoinformatics Laboratory: equipped with Windows based servers and workstations, digitizers, film and image scanners, and networked color laser printers. GIS, remote sensing and statistical analysis packages are provided for use by undergraduates for hands-on practicals and for faculty research.
  • Physical Geography Laboratory: an all-purpose student laboratory with flume equipment, microscopes, a fume cupboard and lecture facilities.
  • Sediment Laboratory: a small laboratory suitable for student project work and houses thin sectioning and sieve equipment.
  • Environmental Laboratory: designed for student project work and includes furnaces, ovens, a fume cupboard, environmental sensors and other standard laboratory facilities.
  • Geosciences Laboratory: designed for research and advanced studies in physical geography dealing with sedimentology. It houses an A.A. spectrophotometer, a CHN analyser, laser particle sizer and standard laboratory facilities.
  • Human Geography Research Laboratory: well equipped with high-end computing facilities for use by graduate students and research assistants for various research projects carried out by faculty members.
  • Geographic Resource Centre/Map Library: where maps, air photos, satellite images, reference books, atlases and journals are made available for both staff and students in the Department.