Field Camp

It is vital for geographic education to train students’ observational power and hands-on skills. Hence, classroom teachings are often supplemented with fieldwork and lab/practical sessions. To many students, fieldwork and project-based studies are the most welcoming aspects of geographic education. The Department has made the Annual Field Camp mandatory. Every student, including those in both the Major and the China Studies programmes, must fulfill the Field Camp requirement before they can graduate. The Field Camp is conducted during the second semester of the second year. This 7-9 day excursion has a variety of taken students to locations outside Hong Kong and offers an invaluable learning experience. In addition to the field camp, local and regional fieldtrips are organized for many subjects offered by the Department. Experiences have shown that field camps and subject-related fieldwork activities encourage close interactions and friendly relationships between students and staff in a non-classroom setting. Apart from the pedagogical importance of fieldwork, it helps to strengthen student-staff relationships and interactions.