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Faculty of Social Sciences Student Development Endowment Fund (SDEF)

17 Aug 2021

Riding on its 50th Anniversary, the Faculty of Social Sciences has established the “Student Development Endowment Fund (SDEF)”, with an aim to provide funding support to students of the Faculty who are in keen financial needs, in areas of pursuit of academic excellence, overseas exchange/attachment and experiential learning activities during their study at Hong Kong Baptist University.


Honorary Advisor of SDEF Prof. Justin Chiu Kwok-hung, Associate Dean (Development) of the Faculty Prof. Chung Pak-kwong, and students Yuen Ka-mei and Shirley Hui share how the timely and meaningful support could bring far-reaching impact on students’ personal development.


Founding Alumni Supporters of SDEF namely Dr. Eddie Ho Kang-wai, Angel Hon Suk-yee, Patrick Siu Chiu-shun, Tyrone Siu Tai-lun, Esther Wong May-wai and Stephen Yau How-boa also share why SDEF matters and sincerely invite your kind support.


Please click here to learn more about SDEF and make a donation.




基金名譽顧問趙國雄教授、社會科學院副院長 (發展) 鍾伯光教授,聯同袁嘉鎂同學及許家欣同學,娓娓道來一些合時及別具意義的支援,如何為學生的個人發展帶來深遠的影響。