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Dr. Jianfeng Li is awarded the RGC Research Fellow Scheme (RFS) 2022/23 with over 5 million dollars

22 Jul 2022

Our colleague Dr. Jianfeng Li has been awarded the RGC Research Fellow Scheme (RFS) 2022/23 with over 5 million dollars. The Department of Geography would like to extend our sincere congratulations to Dr. Li on this incredible accomplishment and Dr. Li’s research achievement. As an RFS awardee, he will be conferred the title “RGC Research Fellow” and the Hong Kong Baptist University as a supporting university will receive a fellowship grant of HK$5,155,380, offered by the Research Grants Council.


The RGC Research Fellow Scheme (RFS) aims to provide continued support and relief from teaching and administrative duties to exceptionally outstanding researchers at Associate Professor rank (or full Professor rank) at UGC-funded universities in Hong Kong. It helps facilitate their dedication to research activities and development and enables the universities to attract and retain research talent. Candidates are assessed on (1) qualifications and research capability, (2) proven research track record to date, (3) leadership quality and vision in the chosen area of research, (4) merit of the research proposal, including methodology, scope, theoretical framework, etc., (5) feasibility of the proposed research project including planning, management and resources, (6) contribution and potential impact of the proposed research project, including knowledge transfer and research impact, and (7) university’s support. For more information, please visit https://www.ugc.edu.hk/eng/rgc/funding_opport/rrfs/.