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Three Department of Geography faculty members receive General Research Fund (GRF) grants (2022/23) worth over 2.8 million HKD

22 Jul 2022

As announced by the Hong Kong Research Grants Council, our colleagues, Dr. Daphne Mah, Dr. Pu Hao and Dr. Meiyu Guo, have been awarded General Research Fund (GRF) grants in the 2022/23 GRF Exercise worth a total of over HK$2.8 million. The Department of Geography would like to extend the warmest congratulations to our faculty members on this marvellous achievement. The table below provides details of these successful projectsfor AY2022/23. 

Principal Investigator 

Project Title 

GRF Grant (HK$) 

Dr. GUO Meiyu 

Assessment of Methane Emissions from Shale Gas Production in China 



Dr. HAO Pu 

An Assembly Line in the Head? Choices and Experiences of China’s Rural Migrant Workers in the Gig Economy 



Dr. MAH Ngar-yin Daphne 

Delivering carbon-neutral goals through smart social learning in communities: A cross-cultural analysis of three Asian cities (Kyoto, Seoul and Hong Kong) 






Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) achieved: