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Geography PhD student Mr. Waleed Mirza selected as the first Google Developer Expert at HKBU

5 Oct 2023

Geography PhD student Mr. Waleed Mirza has been selected as the first Google Developer Expert (GDE) in Earth Engine at Hong Kong Baptist University, one of the three GDEs in Hong Kong and the first from Pakistan. It recognizes Mr. Mirza’s exceptional expertise in cloud computing, remote sensing, geospatial analyses and environmental research.


GDEs are tech experts all over the globe who actively share their knowledge and experience with the community. So far more than 1,000 professionals have been selected as GDEs. Particularly, GDEs in the Google Earth Engine (GEE) community surely strive to promote a wider application of earth observation data and advance the platform for research purposes and the common good. GEE is a cloud computing-based geospatial platform that enables users to visualize and extract insights from a vast amount of satellite imagery and geospatial data in fields of environmental, geographical and geospatial sciences.


As the first GDE at HKBU, Mr. Mirza demonstrated expertise and contributions in Earth Engine, such as using AI and cloud computing for large-scale remote sensing-based spatial analysis primarily in the form of GitHub open-source sharing and tutorials, etc. The knowledge transfer facilitates other developers and users to attain insights and solutions for challenges that the communities may encounter, such as climate and environmental changes.


For more details, please visit https://g.dev/waleedgeo.


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