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Wu Shuang
Dr. WU Shuang(PhD Graduate of 2020)
Currently an Assistant Professor at BNU-HKBU United International College

The topic of my PhD thesis is "Workers' Everyday Lives and the Transformation of China's Post-reform State-owned Enterprises (SOEs)". The aim is to understand the transformative changes of China's SOEs from workers' everyday lives. Funded by HKPFS, I deployed a case study of SOEs in Northeast Provinces of China by using a qualitative research method with a phased approach. This research renovates in re-conceptualising SOEs as sociospatial formations with a focus on everyday life of each worker. Extending my PhD research, I'm now conducting a research project on affective China's SOEs under Covid-19.


I spent a 4-year meaningful PhD life at Geography department, thanks to all the insightful and friendly faculties, peers, and supporting staff. I received not only academic nurturing but also compassionate care all through my PhD years.


I'm now an assistant professor in the programme of Globalisation and Development at BNU-HKBU United International College in Zhuhai.


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Liu Huizeng
Dr. LIU Huizeng(PhD Graduate of 2019)
Currently a Post-doctoral Researcher at Shenzhen University

I studied at HKBU since 2015 and received a doctorate in 2019 for my thesis, “Ocean Color Atmospheric Correction based on Black Pixel Assumption over Turbid Waters” (supervised by Prof. ZHOU Qiming, Prof. LI Qingquan and Prof. LI Jianfeng). Since my graduation, I have been a postdoc researcher in the MNR Key Laboratory for Geo-Environmental Monitoring of Great Bay Area, Shenzhen University. I am recognized as an Overseas High-Caliber Personnel (Level C) in Shenzhen.


My research focuses on the basic theory, methodology and application of remote sensing for environment monitoring, and my research interests include radiative transfer, ocean color remote sensing, atmospheric correction, earth radiation budget and machine learning modeling. I have published more than 30 peer-reviewed journal articles, and most of them are published in top-ranked international journals.


As a HKBU graduate and a young researcher, I would suggest my schoolmates to: 1) find a continuable field you are interested in; 2) identify a real scientific question you will answer through your PhD study; 3) be curious and brave to explore the scientific and the real world; 4) have keen insight to find research gap and master problem-solving skills; 5) seek advice from your supervisor when needed; 6) be and keep active in your research field.


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Dr. STEPKOVA Veronika(PhD Graduate of 2018)
Currently a Funding Manager at EIT Urban Mobility

My thesis explored the production of Bangladeshi domestic orkers' legal status in Hong Kong. Bangladeshi domestic workers started entering Hong Kong in 2013 and they were expected to gradually become one of the major national groups of domestic workers. But within the first two years, 50 to 60% of them left formal employment. In the migration industry, that phenomenon was referred to as the "runaway crisis". While the runaway crisis took place between 2013 and 2015, some Bangladeshi domestic workers still run away. The thesis reflected upon the migration experiences of Bangladeshi women recruited by two employment agencies and one small association of employment agencies and identify forces impacting their decisionmaking over their legal status. The main methodology of the research is feminist ethnography where data were collected during 2-year long field work in Bangladeshi training centers and Hong Kong agencies. The research suggests that domestic workers' legal status is produced in a multi-layered process which includes social structures and power dynamics and affects in migration industry institutions.


Highlights of the research process were the 3 field trips to Bangladesh which allowed me to learn about conditions in which my respondents were prepared to go to Hong Kong.


In 2021 I published a Czech-language non-academic book (novel) Letters from Asia which has already sold out in Czech bookshops.


Author of a chapter in two books:

(1) Asia and China in the Global era 

(2) Udr~iteln (in a sustainable way) published by Ekoservis under the Czech Academy of Sciences - Chapter on sustainable businesses - to be published in 2022


After finishing my studies I started working for businesses that aim to become sustainable. I did evaluations of ESG (environment, social and governance) factors and wrote reports. I am currently working as manager in EIT Urban Mobility (European institute for Innovations and Technology) and I support sustainable mobility.

Zhang Fangli
Dr. ZHANG Fangli(PhD Graduate of 2018)
Currently an Assistant Professor at Yangtze University

I am now an assistant professor at the School of Geosciences in Yangtze University. I studied at the Department of Geography in Hong Kong Baptist University since 2014. As supervised by Prof. Qiming Zhou (the principal supervisor from HKBU) and Prof. Qingquan Li (the co-supervisor from Shenzhen University) from a joint PhD program, I obtained a doctoral degree in 2018, and started to work in Yangtze University since 2019.

As a full-time teaching-and-research staff, I have been primarily responsible for teaching courses for the undergraduates from the Department of Geographical Information Science. My courses mainly include introduction to GIS, geospatial analysis, and application of GIS and remote sensing. Following with my research on digital terrain analysis and high-performance computation, I am working on integrating and applying geographical information system and remote sensing techniques to monitor, simulate and predict earth surface processes.

I have learned a lot, gained a lot, and experienced a lot during my study at HKBU. The concept of whole person education has been tremendously helpful in my life. I sincerely wish HKBU will be better and better. I would also wish my schoolmates at the Department of Geography to be courageous in your life and in your pursuit.


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