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Li Fei
Dr. LI Fei(MPhil Graduate of 2011)
Currently an Assistant Professor at Georgia State University

When I recall the days when I was studying at HKBU, my mind often goes back to the open corridor of Sir Run Run Shaw Building, facing the courtyard of Sin Hang Campus, where the Department of Geography used to be. During the last months of my studies, working on my MPhil thesis, I took many breaks walking down this corridor or leaning on the handrail, watching the courtyard below. Writing a thesis was no easy feat, though those breezy walks and moments of reflection always calmed my agitated mind and cleared a small opening through the clouds of complexity and frustration, allowing me to recharge and push forward. The busy foot traffic crossing the courtyard below, the event booths, and students reading on the benches all completed the picture imprinted on my memory.

When I feel lost in my daily work and studies today, I miss those moments of tranquility and clarity. It was during the two years at HKBU I was introduced to the nuts and bolts of social research, discovered my passion in urban studies, social justice, and applied economics, and eventually, with the encouragement and support of my advisor, Prof. Wang Donggen, decided to pursue a doctoral degree. It was also during this time I found my love in nature, hiking, and badminton, some of our favorite activities at the Department of Geography, which remain my great sources of joy and inspiration. Studying at HKBU has been a formative experience in my academic career. It is exciting to see the Department continues to grow, and I hope all future students will find their favorite spots and lasting impressions in this great community.


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