Academic Staff
Meiyu Guo

Dr. Guo Meiyu (郭美瑜博士)

Assistant Professor
Member of the Smart Society Lab

Unconventional Energy Development, Energy Policy, Environmental Impact Assessment, Carbon Neutrality and Carbon Market

AAB 1223
(852) 3411 6542
(852) 3411 5990


  • Ph.D., The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China
  • Visiting Research Fellow, School of Engineering and Applied Science, Harvard University
  • M.Ec., Renmin University of China, China
  • B.Sc., Renmin University of China, China


  • Shale gas and oil development
  • Energy Policy
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Environmental economics
  • Carbon market


  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Management
  • Green Industry and Business Management
  • Geography and the Contemporary World
  • Urban and Regional Development of China



  • Guest Editor, Special Issue, Mapping China’s Gas Market under Carbon Neutrality, Science Progress, 2022–2023
  • Guest Editor, Carbon-Neutral 2060 and Deep Decarbonization of China’s Energy System, Energy Sources, Part B: Economics, Planning, and Policy, 2021–2022
  • Review Editor, Frontiers in Environmental Science, 2021–
  • Reviewer, The Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF), Environmental Protection Department of Hong Kong
  • Reviewer, Mineral Resource Governance report, UNEP
  • Reviewer, SCI Journals: Environmental Science & Technology, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Resources, Conservation & Recycling, Energies, Applied Energy, Land use policy, and Energy, etc


Accepting applications for Ph.D. students and Research Assistants

  • Shale gas and oil development, Energy Policy, Environmental impact assessment, Environmental economics, Carbon market


PI, General Research Fund (GRF), Research Grants Council. Assessment of Methane Emissions from Shale Gas Production in China, 01/2022–12/2025, HKD 648,000.


PI, Tier 1 Research Start-up Grant, Hong Kong Baptist University, Exploring the Feasibility of Building Hong Kong’s Certification Authority for Carbon Credits, Mar 2023 – Aug 2025, HKD 200,000.


PI, Young Scientist Project, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), Environmental impacts of shale gas development: monitoring, assessment and regulation, Jan 2018 – Dec 2020, RMB 180,000.


PI, Faculty Research Grant, Hong Kong Baptist University, Water governance and pollution control for China’s shale gas development in Xinjiang, Sep 2017 – Aug 2019, HKD 100,000.


Guo, M.Y., and Wang, J. (2021). Environmental Impacts of Shale Gas Development in China: Assessment and Regulation. Springer Nature, ISBN 978-981-16-0489-8


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