Faculty Members

Dr. Gao Meng (高蒙博士)

Assistant Professor

Air Quality and Atmospheric Chemistry Modeling, Chemistry-Climate Interactions, Environmental Health,
Climate Change Mitigation

AAB 1226
(852) 3411 7190
(852) 3411 5990


  • 2016-2019, Postdoctoral Fellow, Environmental Science and Engineering, Harvard University, USA (Advisor: Michael B. McElroy)
  • 2012-2015, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, University of Iowa, USA (Advisor: Gregory R. Carmichael)
  • 2012-2015, M.Sc., Chemical Engineering, University of Iowa, USA
  • 2008-2012, B.Sc., Atmospheric Physics, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, China


  • Air quality and atmospheric chemistry modeling/Chemistry-climate interactions/Environmental health/Big data analytics
  • Group webpage: https://atchemo.hkbu.cf/


  • Geography of Health and the Environment
  • Selected Topics in the Geography of China (Physical & Environmental Geography)
  • Advanced Climatology


  • 2020-2022 World Meteorological Organization, Global Air Quality Forecasting and Information System (GAFIS) Steering Committee 



  • 2020 Atmospheric Sciences Division Outstanding Early Career Scientist Award, European Geosciences Union
  • 2018 The Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) Early Career Travel Grants, World Meteorological Organization
  • 2017 Atmospheric Chemistry Colloquium for Emerging Senior Scientists (ACCESSXIV), Department of Energy, USA (25 globally and biennially)
  • 2016 International Global Atmospheric Chemistry Early Career Travel Grants
  • 2016 Karl Kammermeyer Outstanding Research Award, University of Iowa, USA
  • 2015 Graduate College Post-Comprehensive Research Award, University of Iowa, USA
  • 2012 Karl Kammermeyer Fellowship, University of Iowa, USA



[1] 排放與氣候因素對近十多年北京冬季PM2.5濃度變化的影響, 環境模擬與污染控制國家重點聯合實驗室(清華大學)開放課題(19K03ESPCT),2019-2021, 80,000 CNY


[2] 中國與印度重污染區域臭氧的季節性與污染源特徵, 中國氣象局氣溶膠與雲降水重點開放實驗室開放課題 (KDW1901),2019-2021, 30,000 CNY


[3] APEC期間多污染物減排對黑碳光吸收影響的模擬研究,江蘇省大氣環境監測與污染控制高技術研究重點實驗室開放基金(KHK1902),2019-2021, 50,000 CNY


[4] 排放與氣候因素對近十多年廣東冬季PM2.5濃度變化的影響, 廣東省自然科學基金-面上項目(2019A1515011633),2019-2022, 100,000 CNY


[5] Assimilating surface PM2.5 and ozone measurements to improve health exposure assessment and air quality forecasting in South China, Early Career Scheme (ECS) (22201820), 2021-2023, 579,972 HKD


[6] Co-occurrence and Exposure of Heat and Haze Hazards over China under a Warming Climate, Tier 2 Start-up Grant (SGT2) 2019/20, 499,000 HKD


[7] 極軌和靜止衛星污染資料同化對我國大氣復合污染模擬預測的影響研究,NSFC-Young Scientists Fund, 2021-2023, 240,000 CNY

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Book Chapter


[1] Gao, M., Carmichael, G., Wang, Y., Saide, P., Liu, Z., Xin, J., Shan, Y. and Wang., Z.: “Chemical and Meteorological Feedbacks in the Formation of Intense Haze Events” in Air Pollution in Eastern Asia: An Integrated Perspective (ISSI Scientific Report Series), Springer, 1st ed. 2017 edition.