Academic Staff
Dr. Li Jianfeng

Prof. Li Jianfeng (李劍鋒教授)

Director of the Centre for
Geo-computation Studies

Hydroclimatology, Climate Extremes,
Water Hazards, Climate Change

AAB 1224
(852) 3411 2580
(852) 3411 5990


  • Ph.D., The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • M.Sc., Sun Yat-sen University, China
  • B.Sc., Sun Yat-sen University, China



  • Seminar in Environmental Planning and Management
  • Global Environmental Issues and Sustainability
  • People and Environment
  • Graduate Seminar on Geography of China
  • Geography of Health and the Environment
  • Selected Topics in the Geography of China (Physical & Environmental Geography)



  • Associate Editor for Hydrological Processes
  • Reviewer for Journal of Hydrology, Global and Planetary Change, International Journal of Climatology, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, Scientific Reports, Atmospheric Research, Hydrological Sciences Journal, Environmental Modelling & Software, Asian Geographer, etc.
  • Member of Executive Committee for Hong Kong Geographical Association, Hong Kong Geographic Information System Association, and Hong Kong Meteorological Society



  • President’s Award for Outstanding Performance as Young Researcher, HKBU, 2019
  • Heywood Young Scientists Award, Hong Kong Meteorological Society, 2017
  • Postgraduate Research Output Award, CUHK, 2015
  • Endeavour Research Fellowship, Australian Government
    Department of Education, 2014
  • Hong Kong PhD Fellowship, Hong Kong Research Grants Council, 2012-2015
  • National Scholarship, Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, 2007



  • Hydroclimatology
  • Hydrology and water resources
  • Climate extremes and water hazards
  • Climate change
  • Regional water cycle







External Grants


Coupling traditional and non-traditional data for understanding intra-urban hydrometeorological extremes, Principal Investigator, RGC Research Fellow, Research Grants Council of Hong Kong, 01/2023-12/2027, HK$5,155,380

Flood prevention standards in Hong Kong under climate change – Non-stationarity and joint behavior of rainfall and sea level, Principal Investigator, Environment and Conservation Fund, 10/2022-03/2025, HK$712,000

Guangdong-Hong Kong joint laboratory for water security (Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Joint Laboratory Program, Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province, 1/2021-12/2023)

Temporal evolution of sub-daily precipitation extremes in Hong Kong: Dependency on temperature and implications to flash floods, Principal Investigator, General Research Fund, Research Grants Council of Hong Kong, 01/2021-12/2023, HK$656,864

Impacts of more extreme climate on daily hydrological-atmospheric processes and implications for long-term water availability in the East River (Dongjiang) basin, Principal Investigator, General Research Fund, Research Grants Council of Hong Kong, 9/2018-8/2021, HK$304,301

Compound floods from upstream river discharge, localized rainstorm and storm surge across the Pearl River Delta megacity region: Risks, Changes and Mechanisms, Principal Investigator, General Research Fund, Research Grants Council of Hong Kong, 1/2018-12/2020, HK$ 314,900

Co-occurrence of droughts and heat waves under the changing climate in the Pearl River Basin: Variations, interactions and impacts, Principal Investigator, Early Career Scheme, Research Grants Council of Hong Kong, 9/2016-8/2019, HK$ 611,985

Achieving sustainable urban park management in Hong Kong through the development of indicators, Co-Investigator, Public Policy Research Fund, Research Grants Council of Hong Kong, 8/2016-7/2017, HK$ 340,786

Internal Grants


Impacts of vegetation dynamics on drought evolution in the East River Basin, Principal Investigator, Faculty Research Grant II, Hong Kong Baptist University, 8/2018-1/2020, HK$99,400

Characterizing changes in precipitation extremes induced by tropical cycles over the Southern China, Principal Investigator, Faculty Research Grant I, Hong Kong Baptist University, 1/2018-12/2018, HK$ 49,520

Evaluation of variations of drought-heat wave coupling based on soil moisture in the Pearl River Basin, Principal Investigator, Faculty Research Grant II, Hong Kong Baptist University, 3/2016-8/2017, HK$ 99,860

Peer-reviewed Publications


Cui, A., J. Li, Q. Zhou, R. Zhu, H. Liu, G. Wu, and Q. Li (2021). Use of a multiscalar GRACE-based standardized terrestrial water storage index for assessing global hydrological droughts. Journal of Hydrology, 603(A), 126871

Lai, Y., J. Li, X. Gu, C. Liu, and Y.D. Chen (2021). Global compound floods from precipitation and storm surge: Hazards and the roles of cyclones. Journal of Climate, https://doi.org/10.1175/JCLI-D-21-0050.1

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