Faculty Members

Prof. Zhou Qiming (周啓鳴教授)

Chair Professor
Director of the David C. Lam Institute for
East-West Studies

Geographic Information Systems

AAB 1225
(852) 3411 5048
(852) 3411 5990


Qiming ZHOU is a chair professor of geography and Associate Dean of Faculty of Social Science (Research) at Hong Kong Baptist University. His research interests cover a broad area of geo-spatial information science, particularly in geo-computation and remote sensing applications. He has been actively engaged in research such as digital terrain analysis, landuse and land cover change detection, spatio-temporal pattern analysis in multi-temporal remote sensing, monitoring and modeling impacts of climate change, and GIS and remote sensing applications to urban, environment and natural resource management. Prof Zhou has published widely in fields of GIS, terrain analysis, remote sensing change detection, climate change and spatio-temporal modelling. He currently holds visiting professorships at 2 universities/research institutions, and serves as Asia and Australasia Editor of Transactions in GIS and editorial board members of 6 academic journals.



  • Ph.D., University of New South Wales, Australia (1990)
  • B.Sc., Beijing Normal University, China (1982)



  • Cartography
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation



  • Change detection and land cover modelling with remote sensing
  • Digital terrain analysis and hydrological modelling
  • Climate change and its impacts on water resources and ecosystems
  • Aridzone studies



2018, Shenzhen Science and Technology Progress Award, The first awardee, The Government of Shenzhen City; 深圳市科学技术进步奖:《丝绸之路经济带生态环境遥感监测与辅助决策平台及其在中亚国家的应用》,第一完成人,深圳市政府。


ORCID: 0000-0003-0934-0602    Self Photos / Files - qiming-orcid



2020, Assessment of water resource change over Central Asian aridzone using remote sensing, global hydrological models and machine learning approach, Hong Kong General Research Fund (12301820)

2019, Evaluation of terrestrial water resources and its response to climate change in Central Asia 《中亚干旱区陆地水资源评估及其对气候变化的响应》, Natural Science Foundation of China, (41971386)

2014, Investigation of high-performance digital terrain analysis and landslide susceptibility 《高性能数字地形分析与滑坡敏感性研究》, Natural Science Foundation of China, (41471340)

2013, Investigation of the scale-adaptive digital terrain analysis method for rainfall-runoff process modelling in the aridzone of China, Hong Kong General Research Fund (203913)

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