Faculty Members
Dr. Yang Chun

Prof. Yang, Chun (Charlotte)


Economic Geography,
Urban and Regional Development, China

AAB 1230
(852) 3411 5830
(852) 3411 5990


  • Ph.D., The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • M.Sc, Sun Yat-sen University, China
  • B.Sc., Sun Yat-sen University, China



  • Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies, Newcastle University, UK (2019)
  • Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies, Harvard University, USA (2008)
  • Department of Geography, University of Utah, USA (2008)



  • Editorial Board Member (Dec 2014 – ) Journal of Economic Geography (Oxford University Press)
  • Associate Editor (Jan. 2014 – )  Regional Studies, Regional Science (Taylor & Francis)

  • Editorial Board Member (Jan. 2015 – ) Bandung: Journal of the Global South (Brill)
  • Editorial Board Member (Jan. 2021 – ) Economic Transformation Series, Agenda Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.
  • International Advisory Board member (Jan. 2021 – ) Weizenbaum Journal of the Digital Society, Berlin, Germany.



  • GEOG/CHSG2025 Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta: A Survey
  • GEOG/CHSG3006 Regional Geography of China (Required course)
  • GEOG4026 Geography of Economic Development



  • Urban and regional development
  • Globalization and cross-border production networks of transnational corporations
  • Geographies of innovation and technology
  • Industrial restructuring and local clusters
  • Cross-border regions and geopolitics of regional governance
  • China (especially the Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area) and Southeast Asia



ORCID: 0000-0002-0169-3449  Self Photos / Files - yang chun orcid id


Evolving Spaces and Scales of Innovation in China: The Emergence of Makerspace Innovation in Digital Fabrication in Shenzhen. General Research Fund (GRF), Hong Kong Research Grants Council, 2020 –  2023, HK$ 816,600. as Principal Investigator.


Digital Ageing in the Greater Bay Area: A Comparative Study of the Social Media Platforms Adopted by the Cross-border Old Adults from Hong Kong and Local Ageing People in the Pearl River Delta. Hong Kong Baptist University Research Development Fund: Research Network on Healthy Ageing, 2021 – 2022, HK$168,000. as Principal Investigator.

Cross-border Fresh Fruits Production and Trade networks of Chinese Firms in ASEAN in the Context of “One Belt One Road” Initiatives (一帶一路背景下中國企業在東盟國家的跨境水果生產和貿易網絡研究). National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), 2021 – 2024. RMB550,000. as Principal Investigator.

The Evolution of Creative Industry Clusters: A Comparison of Cases in China and Germany.  Germany Academic Exchange Services (DAAD) and Hong Kong Research Grant Council, Germany/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme. 2017– 2019, HK$99,800. as Principal Investigator.

China–ASEAN Industrial Relocation and Restructuring of Regional Production Networks: Evidence from Vietnam and Cambodia (全球生产网络视角下中国东盟产业转移及区域生产网络重构: 以跨国公司从珠三角转向越南和柬埔寨为例). National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), 2016 – 2019, RMB580,000. as Principal Investigator.

Moving to the Inland: Spatial Reorganization of Regional Production Networks in China’s “World Factory”. Hong Kong Baptist University Faculty Research Grant II, 2015 – 2017, HK$150,000. as Principal Investigator.


From Exports to Selling in China: Market Rebalancing of Transnational Corporations and Restructuring of the Export-led Development Model. General Research Fund (GRF), Hong Kong Research Grants Council, 2013 – 2016, HK$994,887. as Principal Investigator.


Regional Innovation Systems in Post-reform China: Indigenous Innovation and Regional Transformation in the Pearl River Delta. General Research Fund (GRF), Hong Kong Research Grants Council, 2010 – 2013, HK$796,145. as Principal Investigator.


Restructuring of Hong Kong Manufacturing in the Pearl River Delta: Challenges and Policy Responses. Public Policy Research (PPR), Hong Kong Research Grant Council, 2009 – 2011, HK$373,152. as Principal Investigator.


Industrial Clusters of Hong Kong and Taiwanese Investment in Mainland China: the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta as Cases. Competitive Earmarked Research Grant (CERG), Hong Kong Research Grant Council, 2005 – 2008, HK$586,680. as Principal Investigator.


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